Nectar of the Goddess Salve

Nectar of the Goddess Salve

Nectar of the Goddess
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Founded by Kat Bagley and Mary-Taylor Valand, the Nectar of the Goddess vision is to bring holistic hemp medicine back to the people, for the people.

Kat Bagley has been a advocate for the many uses of hemp for over a decade. She has done extensive research, including hands on field work, to learn how to best grow and utilize this incredible crop.

Mary-Taylor met Kat in New York City in 2013.
They have spent almost five years now moving to Hawaii, back to NYC, to Denver, and now, finally, to a ranch in Hesperus, Colorado.

Over those years, they curated and designed multiple permaculture farm projects, both urban and rural, all while dreaming of the day that they could use their experience and passions to build a hemp farm and retreat center. Nectar of the Goddess aims to emphasize the impact the hemp plant can have on the health of our bodies and our planet.

Co-creating viable solutions with and for marginalized communities, especially our First Nations, has always been a part of our vision at Nectar of the Goddess and will endure as a major focal point indefinitely.

Hemp is a sustainable answer for personal wellness, and the environment, while also providing solutions to decreasing wealth inequality and boosting rural and local economies. Change starts with beginning to place value in the unparalleled healing that takes place when we learn to utilize and respect the medicine that grows from this earth. After all, when we heal ourselves, we are healing the world.